Embarrassment and Confusion


As I wrote in my last post, I attended the student orientation for my high school. This isn’t really a huge deal, but I of course make it the biggest thing ever.

First of all, we took our student ID pictures. I was so nervous, that I could only get a small smile out. Oh and by the way, a senior was taking my picture, and she could have been the dumbest person I’ve ever met. I was so scared. It’s gonna be with me for the next 4 years, but at least no one is gonna see it. It’s just for entering school and lunch.

After all that bizz, I walk into the student dining center (cafeteria). I was too scared to eat, so I went straight to registration. Remember how I said how the senior earlier was? Yeah, they are all dumb. I get to the paper to get the papers I needed, and they just stared. I’m like hai um could u giv meh puper plz (jk). I don’t know what to say just give me the paper like you did with everybody else.

Sadly, it was too hard to talk. It’s ok though, no one really knows me so is not like I messed everything up, which is my biggest fear.

The big people talk about school stuff…blah blah blah…you guys are so lucky…blah blah blah…clubs….and we got a student handbook and school shirt. By the way, do you pronounce f like eff. Well, that’s wrong apparently. When they called everyone by last name, they called the letter f as fssssss. I got up because I thought they said s. Now thinking about it,  the weren’t so far into the alphabet so it wasn’t s. If I can only go back in time to stop what I did. The PTA people or something we’re like ” um sorry dumbass we called fssss not sssss ” (jk) and I’m embarrassed. UGH I DONT WANNA GO TO SCHOOL.

They gave us a hometown for the first day of school. I got the one that is apparently the ” smart one ” so yay?

I’m just glad it’s over. OHHH I forgot. There were these girls that sat next to me that were no joke the trashiest white girls I’ve ever met. They were on their phones the whole time laughing at nothing, and I’m pretty sure they were talking about sending nudes, which absolutely blew my mind.

I just wanna have fun, not get confused, and make a good circle of friends.

Thanks for reading and taking my stupidity.


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