New Beginning

Hello, and welcome to my blog.

My name is Ali, and I will soon be beginning my freshmen year of high school. Because this is kind of like opening a new chapter in life, I decided to start this blog so

I can record my journey. It’s pretty much a diary. I really want to be able to express emotions here, no matter how colorful or dark they are.

Now that I got all that intro stuff out-of-the-way, let’s start talking about stuff 🙂 So first of all, I get really nervous and annoyed really easily, so it makes everything a challenge. Especially when trying to talk to new people. Speaking of talking to new people, I’m going to my student orientation tomorrow. Besides the obvious information were going to receive, which once again will overwhelm me, i’m going to see so any new faces. Actually, i’m the only student from my school to be going to my high school, so i’m all alone. (Yay?) I really want to talk to someone there, but that’s if i’m lucky.

Going back to the information were getting, I think were just gonna go over regular student stuff. And we could be taking student ID pictures, so I better look decent 😉 Oh and I don’t know if you can tell but I’m not that outgoing and struggle with confidence. But no one ever knew. I always had to had to hide it. I always feel like people connect non-outgoing people to be loners at school and not study (that could just be me). However, my lack of confidence actually is the reason why I study a lot (not trying to sound cool and all) and try to put myself out there a little. But now i’m going to a new school with new people, so I need to build a reputation for myself. And since my school doesn’t take a lot people in, i’m gonna see a lot of above average kids, meaning more competition, more unnecessary stress, and BAM i’m sad. So, i’m trying to work on stressing over grades.

Other than school stuff, I have a dentist appointment on Thursday. Just putting that out there. (Note to self- no one cares :))

I guess that’s all I have to say. This made me feel a little better after getting some things off my chest. I hope I can keep writing here and make this something I can do daily.

Bye 😉

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