Teeth Hell


Today was a very quite day. Besides that fact that it feels like me teeth are attached to a string, which is attached to a 1k weight, which is being thrown by the hulk. I may be overreacting, but boy do they hurt.

The reason why I’m in so much pain is because I got my bottom braces put on. They didn’t hurt in the beginning, but now it hurts like hell. It’s like a mosquito bite in my mouth.

Other than that, two of my 8th grade classmates were in the waiting room. One of them I STRONGY dislike, and the other was one of my best friends. He was pretty cool, but I was kind of shocked so I looked away most of the time.

Also, I’m sleeping over a family member’s home tomorrow, so, um, turn up? That should be fine, unless any of my family members drink a ton and are unbearable. But I’m not trying to judge. I’ll see if I can write tomorrow.

Furthermore, the song “Secret” by WJSN (I’ve been a kpop fan for 6-7 years btw) has been my addiction since it came out.

It has a really pretty sound, and I fell in love with it pretty quickly.

Well, that’s all I did today. And the pain is getting worse. Time to cry (seriously it hurts)


3 thoughts on “Teeth Hell

  1. Opinionated Man says:

    I remember the pain and it was long ago. It was a pressure pain if I recall. I hope your teeth feel better soon! It does go away eventually and then the only pain you feel is when you get hit in the face with a basketball and your lips smash against your braces… I remember that too. lol 😉

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