A Bowl Of Feelings

Hey Guys.

I’m back. During the last two days, I did a lot of thinking and relaxing due to what happened while I was at a family members home.

A lot of things went down. In a nut shell, some drama occurred, adding to the many issues we had in the past. My family decided to talk. They did a bad job doing it. And now it’s kind of awkward to talk to my sister and father-in-law.

I am a “kid”, but I still really think they did a bad job of handling things. Everyone targeted me first, even though I wasn’t the  issue. I have some anxiety, so I was shaking and fidgety. Now my father-in-law, someone who doesn’t really understand who I really am and my family in general, looks at me as some freak who can’t own up to something. He kept on talking to me as if I was dumb or didn’t know what I was talking about. This is why I took a break.

I don’t have a voice in anything. No one believes me.

The heat went down, but I’m still upset about this. Once I see him again, I going down to do the same. I’m going to teach him what feelings are and how to think.

Other than all that, a wire popped out of a bracket and I need to go to the orthodontist to put it back in, and I’m going to a K-POP store tomorrow. I’ve been there a couple of times now. I’ll be getting two albums 👻

And sadly, school starts on Thursday. There’s nothing to say other than I don’t want to go. Welp. 😿

Thanks for reading this. It’s nice to know someone’s listening.

Bye! 😊

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