Quiet Ending


Today was pretty good. I got to get some kpop albums that I’ve been wanting for a while now from a kpop store in the city.

It was fine overall, but I really hate

the city. I find a lot of weirdos there and not a lot of people have the time to care, so it’s just a crowded mess all the time.

Other than that, before we left (my mom and sister came with me) I fell down on my walk down a flight of stairs. It obviously didn’t feel good. I feel better now, but you know, ow.

I’m really bummed out about school starting on Thursday. I’m not mad about learning, I’m pretty good at that (not tryna brag but I can make it rain hundreds all day).

However, I hate waking up to take the bus. And since my school is about an hour away (give or take 10 minutes), I have to wake up extra early to see that sun rise. 😑 Not my type of morning, but it’s gonna be for the next four years.

Speaking of school, I’m stoked to talk to everyone. Haha. Who am I’m kidding I can’t even talk to my cat. Ehh, I’ll have to fake a smile and make some friends.

I’m gonna try and not depress myself. Let’s see if I last.

That’s all. Thanks for reading.

Wow nothing really happened today.

Bye! 😁

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