The Ride So Far

Side Note – this could be long


I just finished the first two days of high school. And I can obviously spill all the juice 👻 And then clean it up afterwards. And it’s pretty sticky so I’ll need some windex.

Before I talk about this, I want you guys to know that I get very, very, very anxious about things and overreact a lot, so some things might seem really small.

First, my brother drove me which was nice of him. So once I get inside I’m so confused. Class hasn’t started so everyone is in the cafeteria. I got there early, so I understood how to get some things by asking. I knew how all the rooms were organized from my brother, who used to go here.

Heres a basic run through my classes (you can skip this if you want)

First, health. Teacher was old and dumb, as well as the students.

Second, chemistry (I took 9th grade science in 8th grade). Anyways, the teacher was in her own world, and the students weren’t the best.

Third, gym (I had it on my second day). Nothing really. I’m scared to change in locker rooms.

Forth, Geometry (I took algebra in 8th grade already). The teacher was SO slow.

Fifth, Global History (idk either one). Teacher was really cool and the students were nice too 😊 I enjoy that class.

Sixth, Spanish. The teacher so sweet. I was really scared that day so she relived my stress. I actually wanted to cry. My brother said that I should talk to her if I have trouble getting into the high school flow.

Seventh, lunch. The lunchroom is actually lit. There’s a tv in it which is awesome, and (I think this is for everyone) you can go on your phones.

Eighth, English. Nothing different. I have a vocab quiz 😕

Now to the scary stuff. When going home, outside the school, there is a ton of busses waiting to pick up everyone. All being the same number (idk how to explain I just don’t want to tell all the details).

HOWEVER, I was never told that they took you to different places.

I was about to take the right one, but it was full. Me, Not knowing the difference, took the next one.

Boy I was wrong.

None of the students waited on line, but rather gathered in a wild crowd, so I couldn’t turn back.

I realized it took me to the right street, but 21 avenues away from home. I told my mom in all caps “HELP ME”. She told me to tell the bus driver. My brother became involved as well.

I shoved everyone and panicked. I told the bus driver. Thank god he wasn’t a mean bus driver. The ones that do not care at all.

He told me to get off the last stop, which I then took the right bus right after. I was finally going home. It would have took the same amount of time. Even if I took one bus or two, it added up to a little over an hour.

Once I got home I cried so hard. My eyes became so bloodshot after that. It was so scary. I’m just glad that I got home.

Friday wasn’t bad. I took the bus to school. And my dad picked me up since I finished really early on Fridays compared to other schools.

I have a three day weekend, so I’m going to take the time and rest my mind a lot.

Thank you guys for the comments on my last post. They really made me happy and calm.😌

And thank you for reading!

Bye! 🤗 

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