I’m Back :)


Geez, I have been gone for a while. It felt like a year (New Years puns). And honestly, it’s because of school, so blogging naturally drifted out of my routine. However, I have nothing better to do. So why not keep my peeps updated?

First of all, school is fine. I was such a little brat in the beginning of this blog, which was before I started high school. Sorry for the past cringeworthy content. School is now just another thing in my routine.

Now about EVERYTHING else than school.

Well, I’m now one year older, I got new glasses, and I’m more emotional 🙂 With all seriousness, nothing really serious has occurred with me and my family besides all this political junk, which needs a separate post.

Oh, and I’ve been obsessed with this song. Give it a listen 🙂

So like, that’s it I guess. Thanks for reading!

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