Quick Update

Sup folks (wow so classy)

Before I get into the new things going on with me, I need some help (like always).

If you don’t really care, just skip.

I’m going to edit a video project for one of my classes, but my mac, which has iMovie,  doesn’t really work anymore. Does anyone know of any good editing programs that are compatible with Windows? I’m not a pro at editing, so any basic ones will be best 🙂

And now me 🙄

So, I’m on break for a good amount of days, and I don’t have a lot of plans. Just going to sit in a corner of my room fixing up the food I mentioned earlier.

My internet had been crappy for a week, which is why I haven’t been positing as much lately. And, the next week I had to deal with a fever. But, I managed to not loose it 😂

Oh, and my headphones don’t work anymore. So like, cool. I’ll have to wait for another day to listen to my podcasts.

Anyways, just trying to keep ma peeps updated.

Thanks for reading. Bye 🐣

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