Saturday Doodles


After a long, seemingly endless week, it’s finally time for the weekend, and how jovial I am.

Today, I spent the majority of my time doing the things I love; drawing and writing.

It was really relaxing. And, the weather was actually decent for once, compared to all the weather in New York the past week.

Even though this week is very pleasant, it may be my last.

Soon, I’m going to start receiving twice the amount of school work, which I honestly don’t understand why they do so. It could be becuase my spring break is coming up in two weeks, so my teachers want to get as much work done as possible 😦

But, it’s still the weekend now, so I’ll just live in the moment.

I also got myself a book, just to write some things down. It helps organize my thoughts.


Other than that, today was pretty quiet.

Well, I’m glad I was able to update you.

Thanks for reading.

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