Why Public Buses Suck


I’ve been busy with school for the past weeks, taking finals and giving in important assignments. Now that it’s nearly the end of the school year, I thought that I should discuss something I’ve been taking a lot; the bus.

If you were a follower of my blog since the beginning, you would know how much I hated the bus when I first started to take it. However, as I continued to take it, I realized how the bus wasn’t the problem, it was just the people on it.

As a side note, I live in New York, and I only ride one specific bus at the same time everyday, so I honestly don’t know that much about buses. Anyways, onward with the rant!

Here’s why:

(Some) Public bus lines suck 

  • People try to be slick and cut the lines
  • People move/fidget around
  • There’s a rare chance that someone is going to fight, but it’s only happened once

(Some) Public Bus Drivers suck

  • They forget how a bus schedule works, coming 20 minutes late
  • They stop at a bus stop to pick people up, even though the bus is full

(Some) Public bus people suck

  • They do not know how to “touch the yellow tape” to open a door, so they push it
  • People sit on the outside of a section with two seats when inside seat is empty
  • No one ever showers
  • When a person in a crowded bus doesn’t stand all the way inside
  • People look at what you’re doing on your phone
  • People forget what “loud” means
  • They spread out their legs and take up all the space, even though someone is next to them

That’s pretty much the end of my pointless rant. Even though some people are not always the best, at least I get to where I need to be. I hope this was somewhat entertaining to read. Hopefully I’ll get back into posting more often.

Thanks for reading 🙂

2 thoughts on “Why Public Buses Suck

  1. Menny Thoughts says:

    I caught the bus for 4.5 years (3.5 years in college and 1 post college) and I thought riding Houston public transportation system has many many flaws, but im appreciative to have had a commute to work and school. Metro was comical. I had plenty of memorable moments.

    Awesome post man

    Liked by 1 person

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