One Year


Yesterday, August 30, marked the one year anniversary of this blog, which is kind of crazy.

First of all, I did not think I would keep blogging for this long, even though I did have some small breaks in between. I also didn’t think I would get to meet so many people here, that would help me push through some tough times.

Speaking of tough times, I started this blog when I knew things were going to start going downhill. At that time, I was going to start high school in around a week. I wasn’t mentally prepared for it at all. It was the first time I would be traveling a good deal with public transportation, as well as being separated from my twin sister.

To be honest, I can consider my first day of high school to be either one, or the worst day of my life. It was so bad that everyone of my dreams are about it, since school is going to start soon. I’m getting shaky just writing about it!

Besides school, blogging played somewhat of a role during those times, and really helped me push through.

Thank you so much for this amazing year, and I hope for more to come!

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