Pieces of the Past


I realized that ever since I entered High School, I pretty much stopped talking to anyone in my old school, and haven’t talked to any of my old friends since. Usually this stuff wouldn’t bother me and I would just move on with my life. However, my memories of past friends keep coming back to me, and I’m starting to regret loosing some of my closet friends.

There’s one particular friend that I really miss, and it makes my stomach hurt just thinking about her. I met her (lets call her Trisha) when I was in the fifth grade, and we clicked instantly. We both had the same amount of “weird in our blood”, and we enjoyed the same things. Every Friday I would go over her house and just spend hours there, and it would become our little tradition. She made school fun for me, it was nice to know someone that you could do anything with. As the years went by, we grew closer and closer, and built an incredible bond. We soon reached the end of our days in our school, graduating in eight grade, ready to move on to High School.

At first, I didn’t think going to a new school would change anything, we were friends no matter what, even if our schedules would change a bit. If you have read some of my first posts, you would know why I stopped taking altogether. My first day was so traumatizing for me, it really changed my perspective on a lot of stuff. It caused me to isolate myself from everyone, including Trisha. Obviously, times have changed, and I grew passed it. Now, I really want to reconnect with people who meant a lot to me. I wanted to see Trisha again.

But here’s the problem; I haven’t talked to her in a very long time, to the point where I worry on how awkward my interaction with her would be. I mean what would I do when I see her? Do I text her? When should I see her? Stuff like this makes me want to back away and forget what I’m feeling. I don’t know if how I feel right now is real, or just me feeling blue during the holidays.

Honestly, I’m going to think hard to see if this is worth it, and maybe try to reconnect with her.

Thanks for reading, and happy holidays.


One thought on “Pieces of the Past

  1. Carly says:

    I completely understand what’s it’s like to miss a close friend. I lost many close friends along the journey of life. I wish I could console you and say the journey towards friendship will never be rocky again. But I have learned to lean on God as my best friend during those times. But it’s easier said than done. And loneliness is such a burden, even in this space of emptiness. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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