Walking through Hell


Since I was away from my blog, I would just write all of my thoughts on my phone or in my notebook. I was just getting kind of tired of it, and I remember how easy it was to get my thoughts out there through blogging. I realized that my blog gave me something to look forward for, so I’m going to try to not abandon it again.

Anyways, here’s just a random list of things about my day.

– The weather has been really weird on the east coast. Once May came along, we’ve just been getting weather in the 80s, which is nice when it’s once in a while. However, it’s technically not “summer” yet, so the air conditioners in my school will not turn on until June. It’s kind of frustrating when you’re trying to take a test or complete classwork when the whole room is on fire (not literally lol). *update* It was really disgusting at school. It was too hot for anything.

– A lot of people in my school have been wearing some really nice looking clothes for the weather we’re having. I have some to, but I just feel awkward when doing so. I have this issue where I don’t like drawing attention to myself, even though I’m just preventing myself from doing the things I like.

– When I read my old posts, I always get a little down. Due to the recents events in my life, I’m not going to be spending a lot of time with my whole family, and I’m worried that this summer is only going to be depressing. This is why this weather is making me anxious; it’s reminding me of what could have been.

– I have been doing a lot of school work lately, but it’s been really rewarding at the end. I had to do a lot of drawings for my English project, and they turned out really nice.

– I’ve been wanting to get new glasses for awhile (like since December), but I was too lazy to update my prescription. Maybe I should do it soon.

– Theres this person I’ve been wanting to talk to for a while in my school. You know when you just want to talk to somebody because they seem cool, but there’s just no way that you’ll be able to do so naturally? That’s kind of my situation. It would be awkward if I just randomly went up to them, and I don’t sit next to them in the class I have with them. I’m probably just going to ask my friends about them. (Just realized how stupid I sound here lol)

And yeah, that’s pretty much what’s up with me today. Thanks for reading 🙂


2 thoughts on “Walking through Hell

  1. BatoolRumi says:

    Hey barely you! Good reading, I love writing down thoughts of the day. It gives me a feeling of control, lol.

    Where from the us are you? Kept reading about the sun sun sun and I never knew where you were 🙂

    And about that person, you should just take the step. What do you have to lose? School is coming to an end, and so is life (it’s less depressing than it sound, I promise lol). DO IT! Besides, that first step is always (mostly) considered as charming and an act of humbleness sort of!


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