Frustration with Family


I love my family, a lot. However, they can really get on my nerves, especially when I’m already anxious or annoyed. Today, they are managing to really tick me off. I don’t like “exposing” my family members, but they’re sometimes to the root of my problem.

To begin with, my mom and my sister want to plan a vacation to Egypt. Normally, I would be a little interested in taking a visit. But, the whole fiasco that happened in Mexico made me very disinterested in leaving the country again, and I’m so confused on why my family wants to jump right back into another vacation. It’s like this is the last thing that we should be doing.

Even though I’m confused on why, we’re doing this so soon, I do know that my mom really wants to go to Egypt. A lot of her family is there that she misses, and she deserves a trip there. She also wants us to come so we can finally meet our relatives. I should be excited to experience my culture. Because of the last vacation, I just want to do anything else than that.

Actually, I just realized that I want to go, but I don’t don’t like how everyone is talking to me about it. My (twin) sister is nervous that I’m going to ruin their trip, and she doesn’t want another issue like I’m the last vacation in Mexico. I understand that, but I don’t get why she’s saying this directly to me. She believes that I’m going to cause a problem, and she’s becoming a little aggressive towards me. I’m sure this will settle down, but I’m just a little annoyed. She talks to me as if I’m not capable of anything. I just wish she wasn’t so hostile all the time. I really shouldn’t be making comments on her mood because she never really talks about what’s happening in her life, so we never know why she is upset or angry at times.

Besides that, I really want to buy some new summer/spring clothing, and I really want to go all out. I’m talking obnoxious floral patterns, and colors I would normally go for. Well, I’m not sure if I’ll actually buy those kind of clothes because I always became so self conscious for no reason.

I also will soon need a haircut; the guy hat did my last haircut made the top and and sides of my hair very close in length, so it’s growing out a little weird.

The weather was so nice today. It wasn’t too hot compared to yesterday, and there was a nice breeze. I also don’t have a lot of work to do, so I’m taking advantage of the nice today we’re having.

Anyways, thanks for reading 🙂

– Ali

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