The Satisfaction of a Sunset

I use to hate the end of a day, and would catch myself getting sad when I couldn’t see the sun anymore. But now, a sunset means so much more.Lately, I’ve been getting so much more exhausted after coming back from school. There’s just not a lot of joy in waking up early just to bombard yourself with every assignment in the world. I dread waking up every morning, and being forced to repeat the cycle over and over again.

However, I’ve been able to see the beauty in it all. As weird as it may sound, I like being able to come home after a full day (well, sort of full). It’s nice seeing the sunset everyday, it’s almost a reminder to me to relax and be happy that I completed yet another day.

It’s been making me more eager to go to school every day. I want to get work done, and see my friends. The day is going to end anyways, so why not do something with it.

Sorry for the short post, but thanks for reading.

– Ali

2 thoughts on “The Satisfaction of a Sunset

  1. iheartgwyneth says:

    I honestly believe this is the exact purpose of a sunset. Being able to watch the day end and feeling so ful-filled is the most amazing gift in the world. Well, one of them. Breathing, and Life are kinda up there on the list.

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