Being Robbed – The Lowest People of Society

To begin with, I wouldn’t say I was robbed, or at least I was robbed in the way you wouldn’t normally think of. I wasn’t jumped and forced to give up my belongings, rather I poorly secured my belongings, allowing excuses of people to scavenge through them.

Let me explain.

So, as in every high school, there are locker rooms for the students to place their bags in before going to gym class. We actually recently (as in the last month) started to “do gym” because of the first two months being filled with scheduling issues, and the month after being dedicated to the fitness gram, which is consists of a series of “exams” focusing on some of your physical capabilities. Because of this period of nothingness, I didn’t bother to buy a gym lock. And when we started to have gym, and decided to put my stuff in my locker without a lock because, honestly, I was lazy and didn’t expect anything to happen.

For the first few weeks, everything was fine. I would shove my bag and occasionally my jacket into the locker when I had gym, and would come back to find everything intact when gym was over, until today.

After gym was over, I returned to the locker room, opened up my locker, and found my bag opened. “Weird”, I thought. I then found my jacket separated from my bag, left in the locker right above.

At this moment, I knew someone went through my stuff. I looked through my bag to see everything where it should be. But when I opened my wallet, which I usually left in my bag, I saw they took my money.

It was only ten dollars to keep it real with you, but I still felt uncomfortable with the whole situation. I felt so invaded and grossed out that someone was low enough to take money from someone. God forbid I left my phone in there, where they could have taken and done who knows what.

My school isn’t filled with thiefs. Everyone I’ve met has good morals and respects each-others. However, there is a small group of guys that are completely reckless. Druggies, Cutters, spending their time parading in the hallways as their grades plummet.

It made me angry. My parents work so hard to provide for our family. Even though they aren’t the wealthiest, they still try to put money aside to make us happy. Just recently, they bought a pricy camera I’ve been wanting for my birthday, even though I told them that we could have waited to find a cheaper alternative. I felt like they stole from my family, even if it was just ten dollars.

I was debating if I should go and tell my school about the incident, despite the fact that it’s technically my fault that I was robbed, however, the last thing I want is for them to rob another student.

I’m disgusted that there are people out there who are willing to take from others to benefit from themselves. Even if they have trouble at home or some kind of personal issue, there’s no need to hurt others. I really want to find who did this just to get some sort of justice or closure, but that’s just not going to happen. For now, I’m buying a gym lock.

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