Is This Supposed to Suck?

I think it’s a known fact by now that I do not like to go to school. I’ve found some aspects of it to be enjoyable over time, like hanging out with my friends and doing extracurricular activities. However, I still get tired of waking up at 5:25 in the morning to get to school at a time I want. It’s not “scary” to go to school. like it was for me freshmen year, it’s just annoying.

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Wow, I’m Psycho

Today has been very, very interesting… in a bad way.

To make it short, I kind of had a breakdown/panic attack which I haven’t had in a long time. I’m not the type to showcase my emotions and lose control over them often so it was unusual that I did.

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The Other “Ali” Inside Me: Getting Rid of Old Tendencies

Written 6/27/19

I use to have extreme anxiety. I was always anxious about an upcoming test, a lengthy homework assignment, or having to do anything outside of my comfort zone. My mood could be turned all the way around just because of a new task I was faced with. All I could think about is what I had to do and I would only be relived once I completed it. This would lead to some unreasonable choices that wouldn’t benefit me in the end.

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